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Orange Ball Possession : Christie

Orgin Story

Dating back to the mid 2000's - Christie and Cal have taken turns finding creative ways to "pass" this Orange Nerf ball to each other usually in the form of hiding it somewhere where the other will find it. Early attempts include hiding it under the other's bed covers or putting it in the cabinet where the other keeps their cereal bowl. It has since progressed to elaborate plans involving help from family and friends. The ball has now traveled to more than 6 states and the passes keep coming. 


The Passes

Christie to Cal

Cal to Christie

November 2019 - Palo Alto, Big Game Weekend 

Coordinated to have the Women's Student A Cappella group perform at our tailgate. Upon completion of the performance they announced a gift for audience member "Cal". (Who was off on a bathroom break leading to a frantic search by all who was in on the joke to find him.) 








March 2019 - Las Vegas, Pac-12 Tournament

Given to the father who packed the ball with him to Las Vegas where he was meeting Cal. At arrival he put his ball in the room safe and later asked Cal to grab something for him out of the safe and gave him the code. 



September 2018 - Eagle Colorado

Ball mailed to Cal's friend Kira who he was visiting in Colorado. She then placed the ball hiding in plain sight as a house decoration. After a while of Cal being tipsily unobservant, Kira had to speed up the process and began to ask his opinion on her decorative plant in the corner (next to the Ball) before he finally found it.











April 2021 - Monument Valley, Utah

While on an overnight backpacking trip, where cargo space is very precious, in Valley of the Gods. Cal packed the Orange Ball in his pack then while Christie was away he snuck it into her pack forcing her to remove other items to make room and carry it miles back out to the car the next morning. 





January 2019 - Atlanta GA, New Home  

Mailed the ball to Christie's Roommate, Max - Christie was about to move out and move into her first home she purchased. Max then packed the ball in a box and taped it shut. Then placed the box inconspicuously with the rest of her boxes. Weeks later as Christie was unpacking in her new house she found out why this one box felt so light.







April 2019  - Maui Airport

Christie was visiting Cal in Maui. Cal told her he was going to pick her up from he airport and lied about running late. Instead Cal got to the airport early, found the baggage carousel Christie's plane was using and placed the ball on the carousel and hid in the shadows until she found it while waiting for her bag. 









June 2017 - Maui, Trivia night

On Christie's birthday while in Maui, she and the whole family went to trivia night at the Pour House. Cal went earlier in the night and dropped the ball off with the host and explained the plan. At the end of trivia (after finishing 3rd) the host announced a prize for the 3rd place finisher and handed the ball to Christie. 

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